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Sale Information

Albion Motorcycles was established in 2013 by Hugh Birley to provide tours of Mallorca on classic bikes. It was set up as a ‘hobby business’ and as a cash generating business it has paid for itself (covering the overheads for the business) apart from initial set-up years, and in good years has made a small profit of up to €6000.00

The founder believes there are a number of opportunities for a potential purchaser.

Sale of brand, business, and a selection of motorcycles. Improvement of income.

The business could be run as it currently is, on Mallorca or elsewhere. Some of the existing stock of bikes would be available to purchase by negotiation.

All brand rights, website, and customer lists would be included. Our customers are a valuable resource of classic motorcycle enthusiasts who actually want to ride as well as polish and restore their bikes.

The business could be improved we believe by an investment in better marketing, particularly social media, where trials have shown an encouraging uplift in engagement from potential clients.

Further, according to research the German market appears to be 4 or 5 times the size of the UK/English language market, and has not yet been effectively targeted. The German language website requires more effective SEO and could be supported by advertising in German language print media. Draft marketing plans for this activity exist.

There is also a market for straight rentals of more modern machinery (Triumph for example) which would augment income at lower costs of maintenance/workshop if it were added to the sales offering.

Albion branded merchandise has been a popular seller via the workshop and is has additional income potential. For example it has never been available  to the Albion Facebook audience of thousands.

Sale of brand only

All brand rights, website, and customer lists would be included subject to normal customer and privacy laws. Our customers and social media audience are a valuable resource of classic motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Albion brand could be a valuable addition to another classic motorcycle business, or it could be used to establish another business altogether in a different territory. The brand would lend itself to a lifestyle interpretation, as we have seen with the development of the BikeShed, Deus, Ace Cafe, 59 Club and others, and its purchase could save considerable brand development and set-up costs for such applications.


Serious enquiries only from potential purchasers will be considered. Contact Hugh Birley expressing your level of interest via email to Please do not call the Albion booking telephone number.

The founder will retain certain of Albion’s motorcycle stock. The remainder will be sold at market valuation to a purchaser of the business if required.

If the business is not sold, it will be closed at the end of 2017 and the motorcycles will be sold separately and advertised when available.

Please do not send emails asking for details of individual motorcycles or sales of individual motorcycles.