Vincent Rapide C

Vincent Rapide C 1953

The legendary Vincent Rapide C was a motorcycle designed and built at the Vincent works in Stevenage UK. The Series C, which Vincent produced from 1949-1950, featured a 998cc, 50-degree V-twin that put out between 45 and 55 horsepower, depending on the state of tune (Rapide or Black Shadow). Period tests demonstrated that the bike was easily capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph.

This particular Vincent Rapide C is one of the most exclusive and valuable classic bikes in the world. It is also Hugh’s favourite motorcycle. You get to ride it only if you earn his trust by riding the other bikes well.


Spec Sheet
  • Engine:998cc
  • Power:45bhp
  • Speed:100mph
  • Gears:Right foot
  • Brakes:Not really