Triumph Bonneville Engine rebuild – Part 4

So then we had all the bits cleaned up and laid out ready for the new parts to arrive, which they did eventually, and we started to put it all back together. First we put the new sludge tube back in, lining up the holes for the oil feed; fitted the new sludge plug; squirted […]

1964 Triumph Bonneville engine strip – Part 3

Once we’d dug out as much of the sludge as we could, we had to take out the sludge tube, which lies inside the crankshaft like a bush. Our technique for this is to locate the hole in the tube that lies below the long crankshaft oil way bolt, which we’d already taken out., and […]

1964 Triumph Bonneville engine strip – Part 2

When we took the barrels off it was clear we needed a re-grind – sloppy pistons and rings, which would explain the smoke on acceleration. But when we fitted the new piston pins, the small-end bushes in the con-rods were also unacceptably worn. To renew the bushes means removing the con rods, which means splitting […]

1964 Triumph T120 Bonneville engine strip

Following the Norton job we started on the Bonnie which was also blowing smoke. So far we’ve discovered that the inlet rockers were not correctly located with the push rods, which has fractured the ends of the rods and worn grooves in the rockers. Once again it’s amazing that the bike ran as well as […]

Our new blog policy.. workshop news only

If any of you have been watching, apart from spammers, of which there seem to be unlimited supplies, I am going to change the blog policy for Albion. Since June all ride and social updates have been going on to our Facebook page and we have been neglecting the blog. Now we are going to […]

Classic Bike – missive of the month

And talking of testimonials, we were lucky to get a great bit of feedback from Rob, a May Albionista who was so pleased he wrote to Classic Bike about his day out with us. Now that makes us feel all warm inside. And needing to have a beer to celebrate

Great testimonials, and now summer’s here – guaranteed!

Well we’ve had a busy period with new guests and bike adventures – the mighty Norton Commando ruptured one of its silencers making too much noise, it also had a dodgy coil which packed up on me when out for a test ride so I had to come back on one cylinder, the Vincent has […]

Mallorca’s Mad Sunday – the Vuelta de Mallorca

A serious bike fest this weekend with the annual round the island ride.. Thousands of bikers pose in the centre of Palma and then hoon or cruise round the island all day, ending at the Renn Arena circuit. Plenty of opportunity to stop and check out the hardware – every caff and layby has groups […]

Semana Santa..

Albionistas here for Easter find out that Holy Week in Palma does not involve rabbits, chicks or green hills far away. Instead we have bright sunny days and nightime processions of the penitents, as the catafalques of each church are carried swaying through the sand-covered streets accompanied by drums and trumpets. It’s a soundtrack that […]

Spannering on the BSA RGS A10

Marcus and I sorted a new electronic ignition on the BSA Rocket Gold Star. We decided not to rely on the old magneto paper washer as insulator any more. Starts first kick every time now instead of sometimes she will, sometimes she won’t. Thanks to Kirkby Rowbotham for his skills in fitting the Boyer unit […]