The Crew

Pleased to meet you, I hope you guessed my name, oh yeah…

Are we men of wealth and taste? Well, we’re not all male and we don’t exactly have our own vault in Switzerland, but good taste we’ve got in abundance. At least that’s what we tell ourselves every morning when we open up The Albion Works and look at what lies inside: beautiful machines for fantastic classic motorcycle tours on Mallorca.


  • Hugh Birley Founder
    Dr Johnson said, “When a man is tired of London he is tired of life”, but Hugh doesn’t agree. He can still occasionally be found carousing the streets of the Capital, but he’s most happy when he’s here – mucking about with his bikes, making new friends and enjoying a good lunch. He believes motorcycles were invented to take you places you haven’t yet been and meet people you haven’t yet met. Albion is his dream made real. He loves bikes and sunshine – and he thinks you will too.
  • Gina Birley The Real Boss
    Gina is Hugh’s long suffering pillion, but she’s not bitter. She’s the sensible half of the partnership who actually makes the business of Albion run like a well fettled engine. She’s also in charge of all things epicurean. She endured the onerous task of finding astonishing places for you to enjoy lunch, so you’ll have her to thank after demolishing yet another plate of a favourite local delicacy.
  • Marcus General Factotum
    Marcus found us when he was visiting the MotoRetro and he can’t seem to break free.. Which is fine by us as he is an ace mechanic, a great guide and very good company. Plus being German he can speak the lingo to those rare German clients who don’t speak better English than we do.. He helps keep our fleet ship shape and you’ll need to supply a grovelling apology if you break any of his favourites. Rather you than us.