The Works

Welcome to our humble abode

Located only 20 minutes from Palma, between Calvia and Santa Ponca, The Albion Works is the thumping heart of our endeavour, and it’s where your classic motorbike holiday adventure begins.

We’ll pick you up and bring you here each morning if you’re staying in our pick-up area, otherwise we supply you with directions. However, once you’ve been the first time, you’ll be welcome back for life – “Mi casa es su casa”. Our future plans for world domination might involve something a little more high profile, but for now this is where we call home.

We’ve got electricity, running water, toilet facilities, music and coffee. Everything you need to get your motor running before the day’s adventures begin.


It all starts with a briefing

Albion is an unashamedly benevolent dictatorship. Before any excursion you’ll be given a briefing on the bikes and the route – and around The War Office table is where this takes place. Another reason for our quiet location is so that you can familiarise yourself with the characteristics and controls of our bikes in relative safety – before we venture out onto the open highway.


Our ultimate man-shed

This is where the beasts of Albion sleep safely at night. It also provides a well lit location where you can inspect your trusty steed for the day. Left or right foot gear change? Classic British iron or European style? We try our best to let you ride your dream bikes. Oh, except the Vincent. You have to earn the right to ride that.


The Workshop

Depending on your point of view, or a bike’s state of repair, this is either our temple of devotion or an operating theatre. It’s here that our bikes are checked after every excursion and prepared for the following day’s festivities. The Albion Crew meticulously maintain all the bikes here in our own facilities.