A Day in the life

Gentlemen, start your engines

At Albion every day is different and we like to make each one truly memorable. A full day of motorcycle touring lasts around 5 hours and we tailor each excursion to suit the bikes being ridden, the experience and competence of the group and the prevailing weather conditions.

There might also be particular places you want to visit, or cultural events, awesome roads and stunning vistas that we think you simply should not miss. Of course, we also need to consider the crucial factor of the day’s lunch. Heaven forbid that we end up at the wrong restaurant! Here’s an idea of what to expect…


“Wakey Wakey, Rise and Shine!” If you’re in our pick-up zone we’ll collect you from your hotel and transport you to the cathedral of classic motorcycling known as The Albion Works.

Coffee, tea. A quick trip to the loo. Meet the fleet. Rub hands with anticipation. Sit down at The War Office to complete contracts, receive ‘The House Rules’ safety briefing and discuss the selected route. Make friends with and try out your allocated motorcycle.

“And they‘re off!” We’ll be getting used to bike handling and controls at slower speeds along the country route from Calvia towards Establiments, enjoying pine-lined, riverside twisties. Next, we’ll open up a bit on the road to Puigpunyent. Here we’ll stop for a quick coffee and to check everyone is happy with their machine and the pace of travel.


With the sweet-sharp caffeine kick of a quick cortado still coursing through our veins, we’ll be off in a cloud of dust and Castrol fumes. We’re riding headlong into the shadow of the Tramuntana mountains World Heritage Area where some faster cross-island roads carve through olive and almond groves. Our destination is Santa Maria, where we stop for a breather.

Bidding farewell to Santa Maria, we’re off to Llubi on roads that roll through almond groves, fields of olives and cicada-songed vineyards. Onwards and a sea-salt tang heralds the coming of the coast. If it’s warm, those so inclined can cool off in the turquoise Mediterranean.


Once dry, we’re following in the in the footsteps of the legions, heading from Santa Margalida to the Roman town of Arta. As a spiritual respite from the tangible, mechanical pleasures of motorcycling, we visit the Santuari de Sant Salvador – where even those of devout faith or uncompromising evolutionists can agree on one thing, the views are simply wonderful.

From the divine heights of Sant Salvador we’re on a happy descent towards the earthly pleasures of lunch. On sweeping curves that wend their way through the island’s agricultural heartland, relaxed riding is the order of the hour. You’ve come to understand your characterful steed a little better. Savour these moments.


Excursion over, its time for epicurean indulgence. Enjoy something simple or sumptuous Catalan cuisine in a renowned local restaurant. It depends on you, the day and weather. But we’re happy to make lunch long, loquacious and liquid if you want it to be!


We’ll transport your weary but contented bodies back to Palma and make our goodbyes with a heartfelt “Hasta Mañana”. See you in the morning for more classic motorcycle touring Mallorca style.