‘Libertas Volatalis et Optimum Convivium!’

‘Winged Freedom and the best Long Lunches!’ That’s what our motto says and by crikey we like to live by it! Motorbike touring makes you hungry. So, as well as riding our bikes, we like to eat. And to drink. So we think enjoying a long, convivial meal with friends and family can be the perfect end to an Albion trip. Lunch is not included in the price of the trip, so we plan lunches to suit the wishes of our guests, but do recommend that you make the most of the opportunities available!


Mallorca is very fertile and pretty much everything the Mediterranean climate provides is grown here. A visit to any local market on one of our Foodie Tours will inspire the most jaded palate. You’ll find the freshest fish, locally grown black pig, Mallorcan lamb, quail and partridge in season, and a cornucopia of vegetables, fruit and fresh herbs.

Fancy a delectable lunch of very local lamb, cooked in a wood oven and washed down with local wine? Or of barbequed fresh fish served on a terrace created by the Moors 1100 years ago? Or three gratifying courses in an unpretentious rustic restaurant with a view of the mountains? You got it.

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