Motorcycling in Mallorca…

As one of the most popular European tourist destinations, you’ve probably heard a bit about Majorca but you may wonder why you should go motorcycling in Mallorca as well. Want to know more? Read the articles in our press room

Mallorca costal village

Away from the high-profile resorts, Mallorca remains the island favoured by writers and artists from Robert Graves to Chopin – and holiday home to celebrities including the King of Spain and Michael Douglas. Why? Because it retains its culture and language, its landscapes and its secret places, many of which you’ll visit with us.

Mallorca is a giant limestone island thrust out of the sea, along with Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera, millions of years ago. Known as the “Island of Pines” by the Romans who came here in 123 BC, it was subsequently conquered by the Moors in 902 before being taken by Jamie 1st, King of Catalunya, in 1229.

Mallorca lemon treeMallorca blossom tree

It is an ancient place, where pinewoods cling to the shoreline, fishing boats still set out at dawn and the fields produce fine wines, fabulous fruit and vegetables, famous local pork and delicious lamb. In spring wildflowers compete with almond blossom to fill the senses. Motorcycling in Mallorca is a wonderfully warm challenge to the senses. It makes for an unforgettable ride, especially when most of Northern Europe is still battling the cold and damp of winter.

Mallorca countrysideMallorca windmill

The craggy spine of the island, the World Heritage classified Tramuntana mountains, provide stunning views and challenging roads before they slope away to the gently sweeping routes that cross the windmill-dotted central plain. From here, it’s never that far to the Mediterranean – and with 554km of coastline to explore, even those with many miles of touring behind them will find plenty to keep them interested.

There is also a vibrant Mallorcan biking scene to enjoy. Most weekends you’ll find locals and bikers from all over the world getting their motorcycling fix somewhere on the island. And everyone is usually up for a chat and the chance to check out some interesting machinery.

Mallorca bike festival

We even have have our own version of Mad Sunday. Every April “La Vuelta a Mallorca en Moto” sees up to 5,000 bikes of every description ride the circuit of the island. It’s an unforgettable experience and a sight that warms our hearts and confirms Mallorca’s status as a true motorcycling nirvana.

Mallorca Valdemossa

But we’re about more than bikes. Away from the blue-smoke roar of motorcycle engines there are wonderfully evocative towns and villages, fabulous landscapes, sites of historical importance and a vibrant and varied calendar of cultural events. We promise to guide you on entertaining routes to some enchanting places that you’ll remember forever.